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Soul Crystals in Revelation online

Soul Crystals General Information

Soul Crystals can be obtained from the Weekly Bounty Quest.

To upgrade a Soul Crystal it requires 3 of the same rank Crystals. You can use three DIFFERENT Soul Crystals and get a RANDOM Crystal of the next rank. If you use three of the SAME Soul Crystals you will get the upgraded Crystal back.

Class Crystals (Center Piece) requires 5 of the same rank Crystals.

Circular Crystals (Outer)

Sun Crystal (Attack)

Increases Magical and Physical Attack 

Moon Crystal (Health Points or HP)

Increases Max Hp 

Time Crystal (Accuracy or ACC)

Increases Accuracy 

Space Crystal (Dodge)

Increases Dodge 

Hexagon Crystal (Inner)

Spirit Crystal (Physical Defense or P.Def)

Increases Physical Defense 

Soul Crystal (Magic Defense or M.Def)

Increases Magic Defense 

Life Crystal (Critical Rate or Crit)

Increases Critical Rate 

Annihilation Crystal (Pierce)

Increases Physical and Magical Defense Break (pierce) 

Octagon Crystal [Class Crystal] (Center Piece)

Changing Class Crystals

If you got a Class Crystal that is not from your class, there is a NPC that can change the crystal into your class for you. This same NPC can also change the type of the class crystal. Picture and location will be posted at CBT 2.
These Crystals decrease the cool down of your skills. Each Class Crystal will have the skill icon next to them so you know which skill it is.

There are 2 types of Class Crystal each giving you DIFFERENT elemental points.






Spirit Shaper